Turning OFF Oncogene Addiction in Cancer Cells

Our Mission is to Develop Therapies that Cure and Significantly Improve Survival for Cancer Patients.

Founded in 2017, EpiDestiny combines state-of-the-art research and capabilities to expand the “proof of principle” clinical studies. This allows us to advance the target discovery in our laboratory to treating patients in clinical trials at an accelerated pace. We are investigating many of the largest and most lethal cancers through our proprietary platforms that identify and validate novel gene control targets.

EpiDestiny has 2 investigational drugs in human clinical trials. As single agents, 2 have generated objective clinical responses in patients with myelofibrosis, AML/MDS, and non-small cell lung cancer.  We plan to initiate phase 2/3 clinical trials in 2018. Beyond these 2 clinical programs, we have a pipeline of additional novel targets to address other major cancer types.

EPI01 for Cancer Immunotherapy and Cancer Cell Differentiation

Why are we testing EPI01, for clinical use in Cancer Immunotherapy, Cancer Cell Differentiation?

  • Presently, most cancers are treated by inducing cell death, while a few cancers are treated by cell differentiation.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation induce cell death but are known to be as bad as the disease because it invariably results in collateral damage to neighboring healthy tissues.
  • Cancer cells with no p53 are also known to evade all mechanisms that cause cell death.  p53 gene is known for its “self-destruct” program and cancer inhibiting properties. This allows cancer cells to continue growing unchecked after toxic chemotherapy treatment.
  • Cell differentiation, not cell death, is the routine everyday control on cell growth in humans. Cancer cells are arrested in an undifferentiated state with the ability to undergo self-renewal and a multilineage differentiation potential.
  • Our inventors discovered a backup genetic OFF switch that overrides p53 via cell differentiation. We use EPI01 to deplete the OFF switch and Turn ON cell differentiation in cancer cells.
  • Our goal is to develop an oral, safe gene control modified released dosage form EPI01 for cancer cell differentiation therapy.

What did the Researchers Do and Find?

What do these Findings Mean?

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