Our Partnering Strategy

We believe science can and should help patients everywhere. We are developing disease modifying, affordable therapies that can have global product reach. Our first product EPI01 is administered orally and has the potential to transform the lives of people with severe genetic diseases and cancer. Our current gene control platform and pipeline is just the beginning. We are committed to developing novel small molecule based “gene control” technologies and capabilities that have transformative potential beyond the present clinical indications.

We are actively seeking collaborators and licensing opportunities in the U.S. and around the world to explore the therapeutic potential of our gene control technologies.

Our Current Partners

We teamed up with Novo Nordisk to develop EPI01 for Sickle cell disease, Thalassemia indications. We are working in collaboration with Novo Nordisk to validate the clinical use of EPI01 in adult and pediatric Sickle cell disease and Thalassemia patients.

We will retain sole rights to develop all oncology indications developed by us under the collaboration, including ongoing undisclosed clinical programs with opportunities in both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. 

Press Release
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